Auction Hunter

Auction Hunter 1.0.4

Be the first to get notified about eBay auctions


  • Quietly monitors auctions to prevent bidding wars
  • Notifies of interesting upcoming auctions


  • Doesn't always bid in time to win auctions


Are you addicted to eBay? Do you enjoy the thrill of the bidding process but don't have time to follow the latest auctions?

Auction Hunter allows you to monitor auctions that you are interested in bidding on or that you would like to simply observe. Not only that, but it can actually do your bidding for you (based on parameters defined by you of course!) It can be timed so that it only launches bids at the very last second in order to get the last bid, although this can't be guaranteed to win you an auction.

The advantage of this, of course, is that by quietly monitoring the auction you don't start a bidding war to escalate the price. Auction Hunter simply kicks-in at the last possible moment. A red line under an auction means that that the auction received no bids or that reserve price is not met, while a black line means that the auction will sell, but not to you and a green line says that you are the highest bidder.

Auction Hunter is not a 100% reliable way to win your eBay auctions but it's a great way to keep up with the latest bidding.

Auction Hunter


Auction Hunter 1.0.4

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